Project Office BIOMASS establishes links to other biomass-oriented missions and the other ESA Earth Explorer missions.

The project is divided into four different workpages, for which the partners are collaborating.

  • WP100 – Project Office BIOMASS Setup: To conceptualize, setup and run the Project Office BIOMASS.
  • WP200 – Data utilization concept: To develop a user and solution oriented concept for BIOMASS data usage in Germany and abroad, including the different components:
    • WP210 – Tomographic and interferometric data
    • WP220 – BIOMASS data products
    • WP230 – Terrestrial carbon cycle dynamics and modelling
    • WP240 – Secondary mission objectives
    • WP250 – Learning and education tools
  • WP300 – Gap analysis: To identify gaps between the mission requirements and the national user requirements, as well as to identify missing technical, scientific and management elements required for a better exploitation of the BIOMASS mission
  • WP400 – Public relations and dissemination: To support the dissemination, outreach and engagement on the BIOMASS mission progress and results in Germany